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Priya Vadlamani says “He Stole My Heart, Then He Stole My Bed”

When a celebrity has a soft spot for pups, it just makes them all the more lovable. So we’ve interviewed Priya Vadlamani who is one of the most dog-friendly person in the spotlight. The actress posts quality Instagram shots of her faithful Mango who she adores, and drives around a lot. 

Priya Vadlamani of Hushaaru fame lovingly told us about the moment she first met Mango her pug, She says that it has been the best decision of her life, cause she starting dedicating a large portion of her life to educating herself about the environment, adoption of dogs and learning new things every day. 

The Husharu star says that she was in awe of nature as all her six dogs have completely different personalities and she can spend hours without noticing the time. She vividly recalls on one Diwali when her Mango got so scared of the cracker bursts, that involuntary she got in touch with a humane side of hers which she wasn’t aware off after which she began to understand the intricate sensibilities of dogs. Priya Vadlamani says that patience, kindness, compassion, and empathy are like open sky and she learnt of all them, just by being around dogs

When asked about her favorite breed to which she replies with a certain maturity that she consciously chooses Indie dogs as she owns four of them. In all her maturity she adds that they are perfect for our Hyderabad weather and are the least troublemakers (on a funny note).

Priya Vadlamani

Having a pet has changed my life in many ways”, Priya swears that it invokes a very essential maternal quality within you and is a huge stress reliever in today’s mechanical lifestyle. Quoting an incident when Mango was sick and how it left her devasted, she says that, pets also make you understand the cycle of life and death

In a delightfully joyous Instagram series called “My babies”, she has all her adorable pup pictures and video snippets archived…..

An article by “Surekha Raju”

For more photos of Priya Vadlamani, Click the below link..



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