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Fun during Corona Pandemic

Joke 1:

Lawyer: Your wife has fought with you and has committed suicide in front of you, why the hell didn’t you stop her?

Accused: The government asked to maintain social distance, sir!! If I break that, I was worried that a case will be filed against me.

Joke 2:

Teacher: What is the opposite of Valentine?

Student: Quarantine teacher.

Teacher: How?

Student: Valentine means two people will sit closely and talk. whereas, in quarantine, people will maintain social distance and talk to each other.

Joke 3:

Father: Hey son! looks like you are feeling bored because your school closed due to lockdown?

Son: No dad, for the safety of people, I don’t mind if the lockdown extends furthermore.

Joke 4:

Husband: Reading newspaper – All people should be safe and sound including my wife.

Wife: Even though, today also you have to wash all the clothes.

Joke 5 :

Group member to admin: Do not post videos in social media of police hitting men during the lockdown.

Group member: By seeing those videos, wives are wantedly sending their husbands to the market.

Joke 6 :

Friend: What man, your wife is not coming out to even buy vegetables?

Husband: What should I say?? Without wearing a matching mask to her clothes she won’t come out it seems

Corona Poem ( Telugu) :

Entha vaarulaina edurupadani gaani

Dooram undu dariki cheraboku

Vaari daggu thummu varunasthraamu nammu

Viswa daabi raama vinura vema!!

Scene Reverse :

Scene 1: Once upon a time, when people used to stay home without doing anything were scolded saying ” What is the use of to this nation” But now the scene has reversed, If you stay at home then you will be saving the nation.

Scene 2: Who ( Teachers) once said do not use mobiles in the classroom are not teaching lessons over mobile phones.

Knowledge gained during corona Lockdown :

  1. While sweeping the house, one should go forward. While mopping one should go backward.
  2. There are 22 holes in the Marie biscuit.
  3. There are about 8790 grains in the one kg wheat powder.
  4. It takes about 1 minute and 60 seconds for a fan to completely stop when it has been put off at the speed of 5.

Corona Proverbs (Telugu):

  1. Kodala kodala nee bhogham yenaale ante quarantine ki vellina atha tirigi vache daaka anadhi anta.
  2. Nalla Mask vesukunadhi ala pellame anadata
  3. Vidakulu kosam velthuna dampathulu lock down lo chikukunatlu
  4. Red zone lo una vaadu green card undi em chesukuntaadu andi?
  5. Visa stamping ki pothe corona stamp vesi pampinatlu



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