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Depression, Delusion or Denial?

Dear “DM me for help if you ever feel depressed” clan, ‘’I’m here for you though we don’t meet/speak often” clan, “Suicide isn’t the solution” clan, “He died because he was weak” clan, “Nepotism killed him” clan and to many other clans that are capitalizing or caricaturing a loss.

With all due respect to your opinions, judgments, and sudden interest in standing up for the ‘so-called’ people you think you care about, let’s debug all the bugs with a spin of perspective. Shall we?

All of us do have our meltdowns, dull days, and days we wish never existed. The problem with most of us is that we underrate people, things, and situations when they deserve to be acknowledged and we overrate the same when something tragic happens. We impose too much and react impulsively at the moment, like a tornado.

How many of us really stand by and shout out for those in our radar that opt for off-beat professions? How many of us put up posts on our respective social media about our friend’s venture or adventure instead of posting about a star’s birthday, affairs, gossip, cough and sneeze? How many of us truly notice the change in our friend or a family member’s tone when they’re low? And even if we notice, will we bother to ask them why and lend them an ear to listen and a shoulder to feel better on? How many of us truly will listen to someone without imposing and co-relating our life’s irony in the middle of a conversation and put them off by making them feel bad for even starting to tell you something? Honestly honk these questions in your heads and answer them with all your heart. Will you?

We, as a society, prototype and stereotype the ones aspiring out-of-the-box. We post so much about films but the debate that the “film and media industry” isn’t the right place to work at. We use the ones that work so hard to entertain us and tell us beautiful stories on screen as a topic of discussion to tag them like the ones that “use and abuse”. Try to find one damn industry that’s 100% free from misogyny, nepotism, and judgments. Just one! You won’t.

We fail people with most/all of the above actions knowingly or unknowingly. We don’t realize that we aren’t being there for our very own ones when they need us the most. That’s when their faith in humanity fades away. And all the noise we make and sob for them after they’re gone will just be ‘noise’. By the time we realize how we were never there for them and regret our pure ignorance, it’ll be too late and the person will be far gone. Either from your life or this world.

Most of us live in a “Delusion” thinking or saying to your close ones that you were there for them, but no, you weren’t. When we’re told that we weren’t there for them, our “Denial” game reacts by blaming the situations or other crap.

“Depression” is a state of mind where one feels disgusted by the people, situations or things. Fear of failure and not reaching the expectations that society sets for one. A phase of feeling deeply hopeless. The hopelessness that’s a by-product of the society’s mindsets, most or all of the above failing them at some point in life.

Sushanth’s suicide had taught us a lot. It’s not about how he died, but how he lived. And that definitely deserves an applause. He’s a man who peeped through a telescope from his apartment window. He wasn’t like most of us. He was different. People who are different are always discriminated against/disguised. We will never know why he left so soon, but something definitely did bother, fail, and disappoint his naïve self. Such an impact that man had created at 34 that shook the entire nation at once. We will miss you in every lesson that you tried teaching us, Sushanth. We shall emerge stronger.

Stop saying that you’d be there but rather just BE! Pick up that damn phone and check on each other’s whereabouts. Busy, work, lifestyle, chores, errands are all sheer excuses. Don’t die or kill someone with excuses. Hear them out or allow them some lenience to open up. Never rub your thoughts or preconceived notions on anyone. None deserves to feel hopeless or left out.

Be it a tragedy, loss, or a pandemic, take the lessons, understand what the situation is trying to teach you rather than overdosing the unnecessary thoughts.

Let’s be better humans first and build each other up. We are all in this game called life, playing our parts, let’s just do it with a smile and kindness.

Let’s just be and let each other be!!!

Love & Light,

Pranavi VR


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