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Art, Blood and Soul

Art is not just an extension of human imagination but is also a manifestation of our experiences. At an age when the art of any kind is being viewed for its potential to make currency, there are those who intend to retain its sanctity. Meet Paul brothers, who propagate art for the sake of art. 

Glower and Lester Paul were predisposed to canvas and paint long before they were born. Their father John Paul used to work for the railways, and was extensively employed in the creative department from making installations to creating working models, the Paul brothers had seen their father painting the altars of the church and that would inspire their nimble hands to bring to life the ideas they dwelled upon. Instead of allowing their adulthood to murder these carefully built foundations, they stuck to their first love of creativity by choosing professions that helped to foster their interest 

Lester Paul, the elder brother finished his PG in fine arts from Mysore University, while the younger one Glower Paul had finished his MFA from HCU. A great deal of time was spent by the siblings teaching arts at an institutional capacity, this was a conscious choice to stay close to what they love. Overtime the vagaries of life had shaped the artist in them. The grind in your 20’s and 30’s makes you realize who you are, and the style and form that you are most comfortable with…

The Paul brothers are now at a stage in life, where the art form that they chose is closer to their personality and to their true self. There is no imposition from the highest bidder. To retain their creative freedom they’ve converted a modest property into an art studio. The place is an ode to the perseverance of individual expression. They christened it the “Art Mill”. 

One of Lester Paul’s works is a metal train on paper, a combination of mixed media. It is a combination of metal and paper that Paul uses, a style that shows an amalgamation of delicate and hard elements of nature, that is inherent in everything. It’s also a reflection of his childhood in Secunderabad, Growing up in railway quarters. A recurring motif in his art is his need to save the past or delay the inevitable destruction of things he has grown up admiring. 

Glower Paul’s work has always been a reflection of the times that he is living. For example “The guardian angel”, one of his many works is the outcome of the conflict between the conscious and subconscious world that we live in. Our inability to change a few things in real life leads us to take refuge in a make-belief world. The guardian was a hopeful wish during the troublesome times of the Nirbhaya case when we all hoped that we had a guardian angel looking out for us. His style is constantly evolving, changing, and assimilating with the times and conditions that we are living in. 

As much as art as a pursuit can be romanticized, It also needs courage, it needs conviction,  and most importantly needs an evangelical zeal that is not intimidated by anything around us or within us. The Paul brothers are doing just that, one artistic day at a time.


  1. Beautiful.. this is the only
    Page I will be able to get good content.. ArtMill I would personally love to meet these gentlemen for my logo.. Thanks for sharing it team

  2. Very happy and elated to read this article of my friend lester who had the magic in his hand, supported by the loads of creativity he had in him.

    Lastly I had seem him scrubbing the image of Charlie Chaplin effortlessly with his left hand…

    Great and humble person, I am sure he has lot to inspire the people around him.


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