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Beyond Charminar

Yes, yes! We can hear your unexpressed screams and those unraveled cravings of travel and you know what! We can perfectly correlate with each other, guess how? Traveling from bedroom to kitchen then to hall and back to bed for resuming all those binge-watching sessions, quite a similar schedule right! Okay! Here’s a serious question now, what else could be a better romantic story than a coffee & a monsoon evening? Guess guess in the very end I will tell you and hopefully, it will be justified. Chalo, let’s see…..

Hello Corona baadhithulaara!!!

Ala inti terrace payina kurchoni oka chai cup lo coffee ni sip chesthu, Charminar ni chusthu background lo ar rahman gari sufi songs vintu, ahaa! Sukoon! Kadhaa firstly, rainy season anagane coffee or chai ledha hot & crispy home served snacks ivey gurthosthaayi, and alage weekends vasthey boredom tho nill ayi unna lives ni excitement tho fill cheyadaniki ,we gear up and explore isn’t it?! So, ee saari already konni months nunchi depressed ga unna mana bathkulni malli avey routine places kakunda, why not let us try something off-beat and experience unique feels this time ani anukunnam, so avey okasari matladukundham…

1. Rachakonda waterfalls:

Location: Yadhadri Bhongir district
Distance: 60 km (1.30 hours travel time)

This place isn’t just a picturesque spot but also has a tranquil vibe all along the way. The journey towards the waterfalls, situated amidst fairly dense vegetation afar from Hyderabad would certainly compensate that bumpy ride. This location can surely be a better option comparatively over traveling typical places like either Ananthagiri hills or any other waterfalls located in Adilabad
(ex. Kunthala falls where the flow of water would not be certain these times, so its better to stick to this place over a risky destination). Enamoring us with its natural scenic beauty and being an abode of waterfalls, drives us crazy and gives a feel being at utmost sanity.
Oka hidden treasure ani cheppochu bhayya simple ga, inka monsoon time kabatti aa lush green surroundings lo waterfalls inka andhamga untundhi!

2. Jogulamba Temples

Location: Jogulamba, Gadwal district
Distance: 215 km prrox. (3.30 hours travel time)

During these harsh times, naku thelsi kaneesam okkasaraina manam why god? Why? Ani anukoni untam kadha. So, yes there is always a special space for spirituality within us. Ee place alanti divine feeling ni thappakunda isthundhi and oka hope ni nimputhundhi, and also can be the best alternative to consider over other crowded spiritual destinations, konchem mi space ni enjoy chesthu journey kuda safe ga jaruguntundhi and also you can surely witness those sheer beauty of ancient sculptures.

Located richly at the confluence of river Tungabhadra and Krishna, this place has a fascinating history of importance. Besides being an abode for one of the shakti peethas (Jogulamba temple) this place surely gives a vivid vibe having navabramha temples and sangameeshwara temple under its roof. Ala velledharilo oka stop by place laga Jurala dam kuda chudochu, krishna nadhi ni ala palakaristhu saagipovochu, kaani evaraithey ancient history & archaeological enthusiasts unnaro vallaki ee place kannula pandaga aney cheppochu. Inka mi bhakti dhaaham theeraka pothey (approx.110) dhoramlo unna yaganti temple ni kuda chuseyandi, ila prayaanam oka enchanting experience ga thappakunda undipothundhi!

3. Bidar :

Location: Bidar district, Karnataka
Distance: 150 km approx. (3.00 hours travel time)

Bidar ee place chala sarle vinevuntaaru, famous for Bidri handicrafts & bidar fort ani, kaani avi kakunda ee place gurinchi thelsukovalsindhi and experience cheyyalsindhi chaalane undhi.

Persian architecture baga prevalent ga kanipisthu and ancient times lo Sufism baga widespread and well-nuturted ga unde prantham edhi, ee place sure ga manaku oka purity of heart ane feeling ni embrace cheskodaniki opportunity isthuney, thana historic vibe and ancient social and cultural growth ni chusthu awe-inspiring ayyela chesthundhi besides, bidar fort there are worthy & must explore places like tarkash mahal, rangin mahal, barid shahi & bahmani tombs, mahmun gawan madarsa and gurudwara Nanak Jhira sahib ila veetitho paatu inkochem off the track naramsimha Jhira cave temple & Sri Kamalishwara temple kuda unnayi.

Prathi gang lo oka architecture enthusiast friend andhriki untaru, ee trip that person would be the most happiest & active person anmata, places athanni ala marusthayi. Starting from early islamic persian influenced architecture to the ancient Indian aesthetic form of sculptures will make you reminisce those eventful happenings.

Ee place okka aura ney verabba! Residing along with the epitome of architecture to widely expressive sculptures is a bliss man! Inka ekkuva chepthey baagodhu, plan and experience these amazing places accordingly & feel the trance!

4. Belum caves

Location: Kurnool & Kadapa District
distance: 320 kms approx. (6hours travel time)

Aanintikanna ee 3 or 4 months span of time lo manam baga miss ayyindhi & also duranga undhi from being adventurous kadha, so why no lets try this by being safe & sound at the same time and we are sure you gonna love this place & its worth the hustle. Typical places like Nagarjuna Sagar and Ethipothala falls, ippudu vellatniki correct season ye ayina avi kakunda inkemaina off-beat vellocha weekends lo ante this would be the best option to choose. Spending a day at one of the longest & largest cave systems, isn’t it cool? And also ikkada you can find mini-waterfall inside the cave, at the deepest point where you can actually stroll and have a glance at ‘ Pathaala ganga ’, which is also adorned with a buddha statue at the entrance of the caves.
Ee cave system lo chala fascinating things chudochu, which were few of those built & left off traces of Buddhist and Jain saints long ago, so yes besides this stuff, who wouldn’t want to click a picture here in a meditation pose?

5. Gandikota :

Location: Gandikota, Kadapa District

Distance: 382 Kms ( 8 hours travel time)

Yelago adventurous trip chedham ani decide ayinam kabatti why not cover Gandikota? So yes which is just 1.30 hr distant from these caves and post-summer is the best season to witness that Great Canyon of India so chance miss cheskovadhu! Sayanthram kalla aa place ki reach aythe or else even before you will surely have great chances of trying for camping and why not star gazing? Astrophotography midha interest unnavallaki kuda ee place manchi opportunity to capture those glitters thrown on a dark paper, besides ee
place picturesque kuda so keep posing but maintain safety! Inka undhi, ikkada sunset view kuda baguntundhi anta kadha, ahaa bayata talkuu! So thappakunda witness cheyandi!

6. Kondapochamma Sagar :

Location: Siddipet district
Distance: 60 kms approx. (1.30 hr travel time)

Aa shock ayyaara? ippati varaku we were discussing konchem weekends ala long drives ki velthu thirigey places em em vundochu ani, if at all easy-breezy destination ante edhey anochu binod and rashi laaga Kondapochamma Sagar kuda ippudu trending lo undhi
anmata, Hyderabadi’s ki manchi travel spot ga nilusthu its gaining traction. Well maintained and serene, post rainy day ki inkem kavali ala cool breeze mi face midha paduthu chuttu lush green chetlu, sreekanth addala gari cinemala manchi feel isthundhi ee place but besides the Himayathsagar and Osmansagar which were in priority now are surely replaced by this place, but haan solitude & pransthanga ala time spend cheyyali ante ee moodu places lo ekkadikaina vellochu anukondi but the sunset at Himayathsagar lake hits different!

Entha trendy ga dalgona coffee machine, filter coffee andham ekkadiki pothadhandi?!!! So yes do consider these places too and maintain socal distancing during these tough times. Chivariki cheppochedhi emanaga, coffee & monsoon evening ye kadhu your backpack and a clear sky the next day of rain, can also make a better romantic tale and lay the path to your expedition.
Haan, one sec!….one sec!
Anninti kanna mukhyam, Stay Safe and take necessary precautions
health mukhyam biguluuu!!! :d
Happy reading!
Thank you!!!

Originally posted 2021-03-13 18:09:10.

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