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Film Making Tips by Director Teja

Film making is an art that is acquired through years of trial and error, practice and dedication. you can go to a film school or you can intern under a senior or perhaps even learn it all by yourself.
The purpose of this video is to help aspiring filmmakers to get an understanding or insight into different crafts, from people who have been there and who have done it themselves.

so here is chapter two of our one on one with Director Teja

Director Teja started off in films to earn a living for himself. He first began his stint as a light man in over 30-40 films. After working in Madras, he made his way to Bombay, where he graduated to becoming a cinematographer working for films like Raat, Mela etc. Teja’s first directorial venture was the smash hit movie “Chitram”. He later went on to produce over half a dozen movies.

Originally posted 2021-03-09 21:13:28.

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