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Frames that speak

Few of the beautiful frames from this movie… which narrates a perfect SITUATION

Frame 1 :

If you see in the first frame… Two persons., the male and the female standing there looking out from the glass at the flights that are about to take off. Surrounding them are the other people sitting. Here… In this frame, It depicts the male and the female are trapped in a world where they have to let each other go.

Frame 2 : 

There comes the time for her to leave and say GOODBYE  but difficult to say looking into his EYES. In fact, she can’t leave seeing his eyes… Which are filled with LOVE.

Frame 3 :

She left and he is standing there with no clue what to do.. and I can see the Audience there connecting to his situation. What’s next in the story?? Will he ask her not to leave or will he stay calm!? ( I didn’t give a spoiler ).

Frame 4 :

The final frame., Where he stood there silently. This time it’s a wide-angle frame., U can see the frame looks empty with no more people around. It’s JUST HIM AND NO ONE. That’s how HE MUST BE FEELING WITHOUT HER IN HIS LIFE. Just EMPTY. This one scene DEFINING HER in his LIFE. THAT’S HOW EMPTY HIS WORLD IS WITHOUT HER.

# 96 Movie




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