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Happy Films That Leaves a Broad Smile on Your Face

We all love films. Some pictures give us wide smile in the end and that fills our heart with satisfaction and happiness. I call them complete movies. Rarely we witness a few and here are 6 different films from each industry that will definitely make sure in bringing that broad smile in your face for sure.

1. Oh My kadavule:

Destiny is one thing that you cannot change. Inspite of many permutations and combinations the outcome is always same , Stopping right here from spilling the spoilers. What if you marry your best friends and what are the consequences? A big little surprise awaits you in the film.

Oh My Kadavule Movie Review by

2. Fidaa:

Sekhar kammula has a capacity to weave magic around a love story and in fidaa he does it incredibily. Both the girl next door Bhanumathi to every girls ideal boy Varun their chemistry is memorable. Whats even more excellent are the family emotions and the way he dealt them, I promise you come out with a wide smile and a good emotion out of the movie.

Fidaa Telugu Movie

3. Charlie:

Though the character seems a little impractical, we all have a part of Charlie and Tessa in us. Leaving all our conditions , allowing us to become a free soul flying in air with love is the most amazing thing we could ever experience. Coming to the story line , the director brilliantly stuffed in some moving stories of various people between the quest of Tessa and Charlie. What are the stories? Did Tessa find Charlie is a thing that hooks us to the screen.

Charlie movie

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

I know many of us has already watched it multiple times. Just in case if you didn’t, stop reading this article right here , Go watch it right away, I promise you a beautiful journey of 2:40:00 minutes of life.
Friendship, Love, Passion, Family, Craziness, Trips, Aura etc .Basically a perfect mixture of all emotions. You can have a chance to meet Bunny, Naina, Avi and Aditi. The reflections of our different phases in life .I can go on talking , Believe me for one time and Thank me later.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

5.Pursuit of Happiness:

Happiness is all we want at the end of the day, life and on that note even at an end of any movie. A beautifully driven father and son relationship in struggles, happiness, sadness and many other emotions in life. Happiness lies always in little things, A struggling father trying to give his son an happy life and a Son who loves his father unconditionally without even judging or questioning a bit. Chris a jobless salesman to a owner of multimillion dollar brokerage firm, his journey is inspiring and lovable.the pursuit of happiness

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