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Lesser known facts about Vijay Devarakonda

1. He did his schooling in a boarding school, and he considers that phase an important part of life as it taught him to lead a disciplined life.

2. His foundation in the theater started from schooling, very early on he was introduced to Shakespeare and Anton Chekhov plays.

3. Though he is a Telugu movie actor, he is an internet sensation all around India. The whole of North stood and took notice of him when Jhanvi Kapoor evinced interest in acting with him.

4. After debuting his career as an actor in Nuvvila with Yami Gautham in the year 2011, he thought the journey would be easier, but in truth, he struggled for the next 4 years

5. He would have left acting and turned into a writer or assistant director if he hadn’t got any chances. However, in the year 2015 came, Yevade Subramanyam then changed everything for him.

6. Who doesn’t like awards?? Getting a first filmfare is always a special feeling for an actor. But, do you know, Vijay Devarakonda sold his award for Rs. 25 Lakhs and later donated the same amount to CM relief fund. He later mentioned the reason for selling the award “ For me, award matters but above than that acknowledgment of jury and fans matters the most to me”.

7. Vijay devarakonda is an unpredictable man, he once drove an Ice Cream truck on his birthday and distributed free ice cream to people in Hyderabad.




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