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‘What iF?!’

What if we begin to find answers or analyze all the ‘what ifs’ in our mind palace(s)?

‘What if’ we learn lessons, morals, and ethics not only from humans but from all other species, things, and nature? Wouldn’t WE unite to make the world a better place?

Someone very profoundly said that ‘Nature is the best teacher’. If we’d taken those words a little more seriously and not had screwed up mother nature on the name of ‘growth and evolution’, nature would’ve shown us it’s best and not lock us all down drawing forth crisis.

‘What if’ wellness was ahead of wealth in all our minds? Wouldn’t we be fitter and merrier to rejoice the wealth a little (lot) more?

‘What if’ we’d gone on all those trips and marked all the possible places on the map of our wish-list and ticked a few crazy wishes of our to-do list? Wouldn’t we make the free-spirited being in us richer with memories and experiences?

‘What if’ love was imbibed in us deeply over the race of getting ahead of each other? Wouldn’t we have lovers of all sorts and have love in all relationships?

‘What if’ we blinded that rat race, been deaf to those ‘engineering, medicine or commerce’ suggestions and let our inner voice rule the mind based on our abilities? Wouldn’t the world have more healers and artists instead?

What if’ how educated a person is be defined by their IQ (Intelligence quotient), EQ (Emotional quotient), and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) instead of a piece of paper that we call ‘degrees’? Wouldn’t Art, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality be taken more seriously and respected as much?

‘What if’ all the women start lifting each other up instead of pulling each other down and stop finding solace in the name of ‘feminism’? Wouldn’t we race against nobody but as equals in a brighter world?

‘What if’ male ego and chauvinism be replaced with coexistence? Wouldn’t we compliment each other and make lives and homes happier?

‘What if’ friendships were more about being there for each other and correcting one another but not using flaws or harsh words of exchange as tools to cut the bonds? Wouldn’t we embrace our imperfections and together surf the tides, highs, and lows of life away together?

‘What if’ we bought those fur friends home and allow them to be one with us? Wouldn’t that lovely pet not only shower you with an abundance of love but also teach you what ‘unconditional love’ truly is?

‘What if’ caste, creed, and reservations are turned down and we reserve the reserves for the needy? Wouldn’t poverty be extinct, people compete for merit, we all be ruled by the true masterminds that empower us and have a flourishing economy?

‘What if’ we nurture all that we have and manifest all we could have? Wouldn’t envy and jealousy is lost with the battle of goodness and positivity?

‘What if’ we nourish the child in us and believe in fairytales, unicorns, and candy floss magic? Wouldn’t we know that other and all kinds of worlds and magic lie very much within us?

If all the “What ifs” are answered or analyzed, it resolves all the ‘could have been’ to ‘have been’ and THAT will let us not only to die in peace but also to live each moment in life fully!

Resolving all the ‘what ifs’ in our mind palace(s) is living a ‘no-nonsense’ and a regret-free life.

Build your own dreams, take those baby steps towards progress, strive for progress, and not perfection. ‘Awards and Rewards’ will sooner or later make their way to you. And then your attitude will define the duration of success!

Love & Light,

Pranavi VR



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